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About Mental Health Declassified


After grappling with his own mental health struggles for years, Brandon Teixeira, CEO/Founder of Mental Health Declassified, reached a turning point. Recognizing the need for help, he was compelled to extend that help to others. Through MHD, he aims to share personal stories and ongoing lessons from his journey. He emphasizes that waiting until rock bottom isn't necessary; his goal is to provide knowledge and resources for anyone in need.

Unfortunately, society often overlooks or stigmatizes mental health. Shockingly, mental or physical disorders touch one in four individuals worldwide. This underscores the urgency of supporting initiatives that raise awareness and aid those in need. Such efforts contribute to dismantling stigma, broadening treatment possibilities, and ultimately saving lives.

Supporting mental health causes isn't just for those facing personal challenges; it's crucial for the entire community. Prioritizing mental well-being cultivates a culture of empathy and understanding, benefiting everyone in the process.

Your Mental Health Matters 



* We are not experts on the topic, but we ourselves struggle with our mental health everyday and through this brand we hope to inspire those who struggle to find purpose. Supporting this could mean more than just supporting us, it could mean supporting a family member, friend, and ultimately anyone who may struggle in the dark and feel as if they are alone

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